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        Benton Harbor

Farming Here

Since 1927


6525 Meadowbrook Rd

Benton Harbor, Mi. 49022

Phone: 289-944-1765


Farming Here

Since 1994


6525 Meadowbrook Rd

Benton Harbor, Mi. 49022

Phone: 289-944-1765



  1. Bullet Apples (Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Gala, Jonathan)

  2. Bullet Cucumbers

  3. Bullet Squash

  4. Bullet Yellow Summer Squash

  5. Bullet Green Zucchini

  6. Bullet Green Bell Peppers

  7. Bullet Butternut Winter Squash

  8. Bullet Acorn

  9. Bullet Tomatoes



  1. BulletGreen Zucchini

  2. BulletYellow Summer Squash

  3. BulletSweet Potatoes


We sincerely thank you for coming to our website.

To give you a little history of the Dominion Family Farms we will take you back to the very beginning.

In 1927 Louis and Caroline Dominion left Chicago seeking a better life for their 5 children and it could relatively be comparable to the TV show “Green Acres.”  

Grandpa Louis became feed up with the hustle and bussel of city life. In his eyes all he needed was his family, fresh air & a farm so he could provide for his family. When he told grandma about his plan to leave the city she thought he had lost his mind & wanted NO PART OF IT. Grandma was raised in the city she couldn’t comprehend living in the middle of NOWHERE. Despite her dismay she made the decision to move to Michigan to be a farmer’s wife.

 It took a while for her to adjust, but when she got used to the fresh air, the wonderful neighbors, the vine picked vegetables and tree ripened fruits, she thanked Grandpa for “rescuing her from city life”.

Once grandma adapted to the county lifestyle, she became a very thrifty homemaker and excellent cook.  Her delicious recipes for stews, soups, salads, vegetable dishes, pies, cookies, and cakes have been enjoyed by our family for many years.  Her desire to make economical, fresh, healthy and delicious meals have never gone out of style.

In honor of Grandma Caroline, we will be featuring healthy, delicious, simple, quick recipes that you can prepare for your family.  Each week during the season we will share with you one of our nutritious, tasty, mouth watering, to die for recipes. Some of the recipes have been been modified to save preparation time  in the kitchen but still maintain the nutritional value & farm fresh goodness. 

We sincerely hope your family will enjoy them and add them to your own personal family recipe box.

The legacy of Grandpa Louie’s farming days with teams of horses are long gone. However, his firm desire to grow delicious wholesome fresh produce for your family (as well as ours) continues on.  

On behalf of the entire Dominion family may God bless you with good food and good health.